You were Meant to SOAR!


Soaring Eagles Business Advisors is an advanced certified professional business advisory/coaching organization whose primary focus is business and personal effectiveness. You were Meant to Soar!

They help businesses to be transformed by helping to determine the constraints or self-limiting beliefs that are causing them to become stagnant or under-productive. They help businesses to determine additional sources of revenue and recurring income by using their extensive (over 35 years) experience.

They can guide organizations through the start-up process, rapid business growth, or a turnaround situation.

They have expertise in numerous types of businesses.

They have provided services in the following areas:             

Strategic Planning
Business Planning (One Page Plan)
Customer Service
Sales & Marketing
Time Management
Action Plans
Goal Setting
Succession Planning
Behavior Study (DISC) – Individual and Team
Financial Analysis

We have a number of options for advising/coaching business owners and leaders from One-on-one (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on demand), group sessions, webinars, videos, teleclasses, internet access (Skype), and more.

Contact us for a FREE Discovery Session to see if this is right for you and us. During this session you will get a first hand experience what working with us is like.

The Discovery Session has a duration of up to 90 minutes of concentrated discussion about your business and what is working, not working, is confusing, or needs to be fixed. The focus is on you and your business with no hidden agenda. 100% FREE

Let us know what works for you.  

We provide products and services for the following business classifications:

Startup businesses
Professional Services (Accounting/CPA, Union Benefits, Sole Proprietors)
and more

The Business Coaching Alliance we received training from is the premier business coaching alliance in North America.

They exist for independent business coaches, providing world-class certification training for coaches, and serving as a membership organization for the finest business coaches.

Owning your own business can be fun and rewarding.

And owning your own business can be frustrating and confusing.

Being a business leader can be challenging. How do you lead if no one is following?

You not only have the burden of providing for your family, but also the responsibility of providing for others. In addition, you can be alternately bored by the mundane and overwhelmed by the demands of business and life.

You have already learned that serving your customers and clients is only a small part of the job. It is up to you to make sure that many other, if not all, areas of your business get the attention they need.

You may have an accountant, a lawyer, a banker, and a friend or family member that you share these challenges with. But there’s a problem; none of them study for and deal with these kinds of challenges.

They may not ask the powerful questions that need to be asked. A certified professional business coach will ask you!

So, WHO can help you with all of the other more important areas, such as:

  • Getting more customers, or clients,
  • Serving them better so they return,
  • Maximizing your profits,
  • Hiring, training, and motivating employees,
  • Systemizing your business so that you don’t have to be there every minute, and
  • Managing your financial position?

The answer up to this point is NO ONE.

Small businesses fail every day because the owner simply gives up. DON’T give up!

There is good news. There is a better way. Find a certified business coach.

Why a Professional Certified Business Coach

A Professional Certified Business Coach has a broad business background, has been trained extensively in all areas of business, and has a wealth of proven strategies and tools to help you with your business challenges.

While working with your Certified Professional Business Coach, you will:

  • Drive more potential customers or clients to your business,
  • Sell a higher percentage of them, Service them better so they come back again and again,
  • Hire, train, and motivate your team better than you ever have,
  • Systemize your business to free up your time,
  • Create a better balance between home and work,
  • Become a better leader,
  • Understand and manage your finances better,
  • And much, much MORE.

A Certified Professional Business Coach meets strict qualifications and intensive business coach training before they ever get to you.

Certified Professional Business Coaches have access to more than 950 specific strategies to help you discover the best solutions to your specific challenges.

Coaches who are using real-world solutions for real-world issues, not just academic exercises.

Relying solely on yourself is no longer an option in today’s fast-paced business world. In fact, YOUR COMPETITORS may be considering working with a certified professional business coach right now.

In order for you to compete and maximize your business’s potential, having a certified professional business coach is essential.

The choice is easy.

You were Meant to SOAR!


Soaring Eagles Business Advisors

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